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Elegantly Combining Simplicity, Functionality & Utility

Our 3D World Brought To You

Using Your Smartphone Or Camera
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Large or Small CIRRI Just Works

Whether it's creating a pointcloud of a small gargoyle

Or dimensionalizing an entire rock face

CirriPoint is simple. A dual camera high resolution shifted structured light scanner which plugs directly into a PC or tablet and provides an accuracy of 30 microns or better.. more…

2dto3dCirri’s roots are based on a mission dating back over 30 years with the goal to dimensionalize our world – to replace 2d pictures with 3d models. We want to bring that 3rd dimension – the Zed axis. It’s how we interact with the living breathing world. Our strategy is based on delivering high quality, accurate scanning results. Point Clouds form the foundation of all 3D scanning. They define shape and detail and they look, somewhat, like Cirrus clouds which is how we chose our name (Cirri is the plural of cirrus). We know from our decades of experience developing and using our own scanners and other products that you’ve got to start with quality. Low quality scans = frustration. High quality scans = endless possibilities. Cirri = endless possibilities

Cirri has patented technology solutions for licensing and/or strategic partnerships:

  1. Pro and consumer grade range of 3D scanners for modeling and3D printing
  2. Creation of high resolution fully 3D models with scale matched to real world coordinates
  3. Conversion of 3D models to online browser friendly size while maintaining high quality texture (photo realistic colour and appearance of the surface)
  4. High resolution gesture control
  5. Motion capture up to 60 fps
  6. Body measurement smartphone apps so online purchases of footwear and other products fit

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Who is CIRRI for?

You need it for work, a project, a reason, or you just like it. We’re going to make the entire process of 3d scanning, where you’re in control, easier then it’s ever been. It is for a professional with all the demands of perfection, yet we’re going to make it a tool useful for people (like you) who won’t scan eouer, an animator, digital artists, web designer, landscaper, marketing firms or the merely curious who just want to have fun dimensionalizing your world or capture 3d models of loved ones to be treasured forevermore.

Perhaps you might be a geologist, an architect, archaeologist, anthropologist, a CSI investigator, a prospector, a developer or a cartographer. Or maybe you’re a skier mapping out your perfect run or a park warden monitoring snow build up. You may even be a granite contractor in need of precise dimensions of a courtyard or building facade – the list is almost endless. Cirri can take you there on a foundation of quality and simplicity.

What makes CIRRI  Scanner Unique?

Unlike any other scanning devices in the market today that require additional hardware, suffer from poor resolution outside of a narrow parameter, limited range of subject or object size, proximity limitations, poor quality of scan data and no accurate scale; Cirri combines professional quality scanning results, accurate, to scale, high resolutions scanning, almost unlimited range of object size or geographic feature, all at a remarkably low price.

How accurate and how much detail?

Cirri scanners can, with the proper setup, achieve accuracy of less than one third the thickness of a human hair with sufficient resolution to capture the shape of the relief on a coin.

Easy to learn

At an initial glance creating in and for the 3D world may seem daunting.  We are happy to tell you it isn’t.

Check it out here

3D Model

This model was created using two photos taken by a basic SLR camera and processed using our easy to use Cirri software. Simply click on the image and enjoy how easy it is to experience the world in 3D.

See more models created with our software here

A Real World Application

CNC Machining and Manufacturing

  • A photo of the target image to be machined
  • The 3D file created by Cirri software of the element from two photos – In this instance an off-the-shelf camera
  • The file as processed by 3D toolpath software
  • The same file with the simulation skin applied
  • The file being created by the CNC machine
  • The final result – Time start to finsh – approx. 2Hrs

It sounds too good to be true,

…but in this case it is true. Cirri is a disruptive product. We know it works because at its working core is the same software as its more expensive parent that is in use every day around the world. The parent product targets a different crowd that require huge computing horsepower. For Cirri we limit calculations to around one million measured points and provide high, but not subpixel, accuracy. We recognize the world is fast evolving in 3d where desktop 3d printers, dimensionalized websites and immersive and personalized video gaming is fast approaching. 3d is stepping out from the realm of the professional. Not to be boastful but we know our underlying scanning engine, algorithms and techniques are far ahead of the other approaches.

To gain traction 3d has to have a foundation of quality. The other approaches that sense 3d or require a huge number of photos as input, in the end, lead to disappointment and disillusionment.

So we created Cirri, We priced it fairly and we will streamline the user interface so you don’t need to be a professional to use it – though we hope professionals too will love it.

About Us

We are a team of dedicated professionals with a myriad of business experience.  We know that it is not only all about the product but also what that product does and how it can be used to enhance our everyday experience or provide a solution to a problem.


  • Crafted with love

    We are businessmen who love software and are passionate about 3D.  Our software speaks directly to all of those factors.  You can be assured that the energy and excitement we feel about 3D is built into every iteration of our products.

  • All with a Single Camera

    THAT’S RIGHT!  The 3D world and all of this functionality is brought to you simply by taking a couple of photos with your smart phone or camera.

What others are saying about us

Alban Denoyel

Brad, I just took a look at the Cirri Scans on Sketchfab and they look great! Definitely professional grade. You can quote that.

Alban DenoyelCo-Founder and CEOSketchfab
Sebastien Deguy

At Allegorithmic we’re all about making the life of 3D content creators better and more exciting. CIRRI’s system is exactly about that, and the quality you can get out of it seems amazing. We’re excited and proud to be part of this project

Sebastien DeguyCEOAllegorithmic
Marc Langlois

I have never seen a product that could provide us with such a unique solution and tool for heritage stone work. BRAVO!

Marc LangloisHead of Gem Campbell EasternGem Campbell

Thanks for the Obj, here are a couple of shots in Curvy. The import was simple, as expected,and the model was ready to sculpt and paint straight away. I lit the model with ambient occlusion and shadows to enhance the subtle shading included in the scan.